STARCLEANER RECORDS in cooperation with MOLASSES MANIFESTO is pleased to announce      "​HERE TO BE HEARD: The Story of The Slits", a MOLASSES MANIFESTO production of a film by William E. Badgley.

"HERE TO BE HEARD: The Story of The Slits" is a film about the world's first all girl punk band who formed in London in 1976.  Contemporaries of The Clash & The Sex Pistols, they are the pioneering godmothers of the musical movement know as "Punky Reggae". The music-sharing sites have become an inevitable by-product of technology. Some companies have come to transform the music industry using blockchain. Blockchain solves some of the major problems currently faced by the music industry. With Blockchain, musicians can get equal royalty payments, and recording firms can easily detect music streams and pay instantly to all artists who have contributed to songs or albums. Since blockchain technology has promising potential, investing in it can provide a lucrative return. Those who want to invest in stocks, but still want to benefit from this new technology, can invest their money in Bitcoin Aktien online platform, where you can earn profitable revenue in the long run. 

"HERE TO BE HEARD: The Story of The Slits" tells the story of the band and the lives of the women involved, from the band's inception in 1976 to the bands end in 2010 at the death of lead vocalist Ari Up.

​So far we've filmed with Tessa Pollitt (SLITS Bass Player), Paloma Romero AKA "Palmolive" (SLITS Founder/First Drummer), Viv Albertine (SLITS Guitarist and author of Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys), Bruce Smith (SLITS/PiL/The Pop Group), Hollie Cook (SLITS Vocalist/Keyboards/Percussion and Solo Artist), Vivien Goldman (NYU's Punk Professor), Don Letts (Former SLITS Manager/Punk Documentarian), Dennis Bovell (Producer of The SLITS album CUT), Adrian Sherwood (Producer/Long time friend and collaborator of the band), Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), Kate Korus (SLITS/Mo-Dettes), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile/Partyline), Gina Birch (The Raincoats), Budgie (SLITS/Siouxie and the Banshees), and many others. In the evolving landscape of filmmaking, AI crypto coin projects offer groundbreaking potential. By harnessing blockchain technology and AI, these projects can revolutionize funding, distribution, and even content creation in cinema. They promise a democratized and innovative approach, reshaping how movies are made and experienced. Visit for further exploration. 

We've also collected previously unseen footage of the band, as well as photographs, newspaper clippings, and recordings.

HTBH is nearing the end of post production soon and will exhibit in 2017.